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About Us

Our Vision

To raise a generation of young men and women who will find solution to world’s pressing problems.

Our Mission

  • Creating opportunities for young people and women to acquire appropriate and relevant business capacities that are imperative for successful economic and social life.
  • To inspire, train and provide opportunities for teens to explore/develop their hobbies and talents and turn them into businesses.
  • To prepare the future generation of family, business and political leaders today


The Objectives

  1. To engage in teenage integrity, self-confidence advocacy thereby inculcating the spirit of industry, hard-work and uprightness.
  2. To engage in financial assistance advocacy for women and youth support groups that will engender self-support project and community development thereby creating a systemic change for sustainable future and self-actualization for themselves and the community at large.
  3. To carry out campaign against child abuse, drugs abuse, poor and scandalous sanitary conditions within our communities.
  4. To advocate and promote gender inclusiveness as well as encourage women participation in decision-making and Governance as fundamental to achieving just national policies formulation taking into account women sensitivities as an integral part thereof.
  5. To provide a common forum to discuss and take policy decision for the promotion of economic wellbeing, welfare and protection and family.
  6. To engage in printing, publishing and publication of journals, magazines, and other media in furtherance of objects of the initiative.
  7. To facilitate and promote healthy lifestyle among youth and women.



Our goal is to end circle of poverty through the provision of education that impacts and raise young business leaders for the 21st century and beyond. Finance will be provided by financerr.co.uk

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